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Terms & Conditions 

1. Agreement & Definitions.

  • Please take the time to read through the below terms & conditions to ensure you fully understand the terms set out and act as an agreement between Phoebe the lead make up artist acting on behalf of May Williams Make up Artist & the lead booker as the Client/Bride.

  • It is the responsibility of the lead booker to agree, and accept responsibility for all booking conditions.

  • By booking May Williams Make up Artist and paying the booking fee, you accept that you are entering into a contract and you agree to be bound by these conditions.


2. Deposit & Payment Terms.

  • To secure your wedding date a non-refundable booking fee of £100.00 is required to make the date yours. This will then be deducted from your final balance.

  • A date cannot be held without payment of the fee & will be open to other clients if not received. Due to popular demand booking payment will need to do be made swiftly to avoid disappointment.

  • All remaining payments will be due no later than 7 days prior to the wedding date unless agreed otherwise in writing with the Phoebe. Payment details will be set out in the payment schedule.

  • In the event that Client fails to make payment as specified, May Williams Make up Artist shall have the right to immediately terminate this Agreement with no further obligation to refund money (including the aforementioned deposit), to attend the Event or complete wedding make up services.


3. Minimum Booking Requirements.

  • Due to popular demand, there is a minimum booking of Bride + 3 Wedding party members required, for all Friday,Saturday, Sunday and bank holiday dates through the whole year. This is equivalent to £415.00 for 2024 bookings. (excluding trial, travel & accommodation costs). For bookings that don't reach the minimum amount bookings can still be made but at the equivalent minimum cost.


4. Trials.

  • Trials are not compulsory but are recommended by Phoebe the Artist.

  • Trial Appointments are held during the week (Monday -Friday) at my rented studio space near Cheltenham. If trial bookings are made between Lara Stokes Bridal Hair Specialist & May Williams Make up Artist then joint trials tend to be held at Lara's home in Cheltenham.

  • Weekends are reserved for Weddings and trials will not be conducted at weekends unless for circumstances agreed with Phoebe at time of booking.

  • Wedding party guests are welcome to have a trial service too and this is charged at £70.00 per person.

  • Trial appointments will last between 90 - 120 minutes depending on how many styles are completed. Temporary individual lashes will be applied & photographs taken. If trials run over this allotted time an additional charge of £65.00 per hour will be added to your invoice.

  • Please make sure you arrive to your appointment on time & advise Phoebe if you're due to be late.

  • In the unlikely event you wish to no longer proceed with the booking after the trial, payment for the trial is non-refundable.

  • Additional Bridal trials are charged at £95.00 per trial. 


4. Booking Timings & Schedule:

  • Usual timings include 60/90 minutes per Bridal make up application and 45 minute per Bridal Party. The stylists from May Williams Make up Artist can not be responsible for delay caused by any member of the wedding party if they are not in the make up chair at the allocated time. It is down to you as the client to ensure all guests are aware of their time slot.

  • A second make up artist may be required for the following bookings:
    Where the venue has access restrictions. (Please check with the venue what time we can start
    When the ceremony time is 12pm or earlier and there is a wedding party of 7 or more.
    Please note, there is a charge of £100.00 per additional assistant.

5. Travel Costs & Expenses.

  • Travel is charged at 0.65p per mile after 20 miles from my home (GL50 2AU). This is for the total travel - to & from the venue. (20 miles will be deducted from the total mileage then x by 0.65p per mile to calculate your travel costs).

  • Any venue over 2 hours drive will require accommodation the night before. It is charged to the client and It will be added on to your invoice. It will be pre-arranged before the details are finalised.

  • If you require a change of location on the wedding morning there is a set fee of £35.00. This includes starting at one venue & having to move to a second location during the make up application.


6. Photography.

  • At your trial, photos and videos will be taken of you for the purpose of recording the trial look. This is to help us recreate the look accurately on the day. This will also give you a true idea of how your look should translate to your wedding photos & video, in different angles and lighting.

  • The lead booker/Client/Bride agrees May Williams Make up Artist may use any photography for publicity purposes which include but are not limited to the suppliers website and social media pages. This includes photos taken by May Williams Make up Artist and photos taken by your professional photographer.

  • Please make Phoebe from May Williams Make up Artist known if you do not wish for your photographs to be shared.


7. Health & Safety.

  • Due to the 2019-2020 outbreak of COVID-19, Phoebe is taking extra precautions with the care of every guest to ensure enhanced sanitation/disinfection procedures in accordance with local, national and international guidelines.

  • All tools, brushes, and other items will be fully sanitised before and after use.

  • It is the Client's responsibility to inform the Artist of any allergies, or past reactions before makeup application.

  • It is the Client's responsibility to check with their Bridal party prior to the wedding date, regarding any allergies and communicate this via email to the makeup artist/stylist before makeup application.

  • Phoebe will always check verbally if the Bridal party have any allergies too.

  • We reserve the right to refuse an application if any of the parties have contagious conditions or have flu like symptoms or a temperature.

  • The following contraindications will prevent or restrict any client's application/styling; Eye infections; Conjunctivitis, viral infections; cold sores/facial herpes, open/weeping wounds, or sores, fungal infections; ringworm, etc. warts, cystic acne, severe sunburn or first degree burns, burns from facial waxing, Eczema, Psoriasis, Nits/ Head-lice, Scabies, or Impetigo, prior reaction, bruising, open cuts and flu like symptoms or a temperature.

  • Phoebe holds no liability for any allergic reaction or injury resulting from the Makeup application.

  • Phoebe is not liable for any adverse reactions to products used and cannot be held liable for any losses that are incurred due to adverse reactions to products used. If the client or party requires a patch test for any products, this can be arranged and charged according to the agreed fee.


8. Communication.

  • All communication should take place in writing via email.

  • The most efficient way to discuss all the important elements of your booking is via email, due to the high volume of messages we receive across multiple media channels. Although we love to connect with you on social media and share images via these platforms, messages can get confused or missed if across social media, WhatsApp, phone, text, therefore we politely ask you to ensure that any correspondents relating to your booking be sent via email, to reduce the risk of missing important information.

  • During high season email responses may take longer than usual.

9. Change & Cancellations Policy.

  • In the unfortunate event you need to cancel your booking, please let me know as soon as possible. This will ensure I can make the date available to another enquiry. As previously stated, your booking fee is non-refundable.


  • Cancelling services between the date of booking & 4 months prior to your wedding date no further charge will be made. However, if you have had your trial and no longer require my services after trial has been carried out full trial payment will also be required.


  • Cancelling any services within 12 weeks of your wedding date will require 50% of the remaining balance to be paid & any deposits will be retained.


  • Cancelling any services within 8 weeks of your wedding date will require 80% of the remaining balance to be paid & any deposits will be retained.


  • Cancelling any services within 4 weeks(30 days) of the wedding date will require 100% of the remaining balance to be paid & any deposits will be retained.


  • In the event you need to postpone your wedding and additional 30% charge of the current total will be applied to your new invoice to cover loss of earnings & admin charges.

  • In the event Phoebe is unable to attend the booking on the day, due to illness or for unforeseen circumstances outside of her control, every effort will be made to find a replacement artist. If this is not possible or is unacceptable to the client, Phoebe will fully reimburse any monies paid - this excludes any services already carried out such as bridal & wedding party trials.

  • Members of the bridal party who cancel on the day will not be refunded & Phoebe will need to be informed as soon as possible.

  • Once the booking has been confirmed and the deposit has been paid to secure the booking, booked services and numbers may not be reduced.


10. Artist Obligations.

  • Phoebe will carry out the services with the highest standard of skill & care.

  • Phoebe will arrive 15 minutes prior to the agreed start time to set up and be ready for the first make up service.

  • May Wiliams make up Artist  ensures the make up services are carried out using quality and professional materials which are sanitised and clean.

  • All efforts are taken to ensure the make up look is long-lasting but Phoebe makes no claims about longevity of the look due to how skin can react on the day. External factors such as diet, weather, personal skin prep can affect the make up.

  • Should Phoebe need to cancel your booking, every effort will be made to ensure you are aware at the earliest opportunity and without liability. In the unlikely event of a cancellations, Phoebe will endeavour to find a replacement artist.

  • We strongly advise all our couples have Wedding insurance to protect yourself and suppliers. Sadly, things can sometimes go round, but having wedding insurance gives you extra financial protection.

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